Science of DreamRing™

The Incredible Human Brain

The Human Brain has over 100 billion neurons

The possible various combinations of connections extends beyond the number of stars in the Universe

Low Powered Pulse Frequencies and Patterns

DreamRingLabs is currently pursuing Partnerships in Dream, Sleep, and Consciousness Research.

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If you’re publishing research papers with DreamRing, make them more easily identifiable to other scientists through the Research Resource Identifier (RRID) initiative. Don’t forget to insert DreamRing’s unique identifier in your paper’s methods section when you first mention DreamRing, like this: Dra (000_000000).

Image with text: 'How Does DreamRing Work?

DreamRing™ uses a combination of frequencies, tones, and patterns naturally found in the brain and the earth’s atmosphere to produce conscious states.

Did you know?
Your Brain contains Magnetic Crystals. Most regions in the Brain have 5 million magnetite crystals per gram of tissue.
An illustration of a human brain.
Humans have areas of the brain that are more magnetic than other areas. Credit: Gilder et al., 2018https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-018-29766-z

Proof of magnetic antennas in the brain has been studied by Dr. Joseph Kirschvink, a professor at the California Institute of Technology.

Magnetite, in minuscule amounts, was found all over the brain, most regions of the brain had five million magnetite crystals per gram of tissue. The tough membrane that covers the brain had 100 million crystals per gram. Each human brain on average contains seven billion particles of magnetite, weighing a total of one-millionth of an ounce.

Magnetite interacts over a million times more strongly with external magnetic fields than any other biological material, Dr. Kirschvink said, including the iron in red blood cells. If only one cell in a million contains magnetite, he said, magnetic fields could exert an effect on the tissue.

Image displaying EEG brain waves, depicting pulsating patterns.
Image showcasing DreamRing sessions: Focus, Relax, Sleep, and Dream.
DreamRing™ Magnetic Patterns influence Microtubules and Magnetite in the Brain.
Doctor pointing to brain images during examination.
Image with text: 'Each Human brain contains on average 7 billion particles of magnetite

DreamRing™ signals have been in use for over 6 years and inspired from over 50 years of collective neuroscience and brain research.

Neural Field Dynamics

The activity of a neuron is characterized by two distinct stages: a sub-threshold stage, described by the value of mean membrane potential, and a transitional stage, corresponding to the firing event. We therefore distinguish between two types of energy: the potential energy released during a spike, and the internal kinetic energy that triggers a spike.

Image displaying various digital signal designs.
Visual representation of a neural spike charted on a graph.
Image of a safety icon.



Is DreamRing™ Safe? Yes. Low Powered Non-Invasive Pulsed Magnetic Fields have been studied for decades and deemed safe. Our device is a consumer device and fits within the following guidelines:
Text discussing safety requirements of the device.
Image depicting the brain and nervous system.
Did you know?

DreamRing frequencies and patterns can be found in the brains of children

Each neuron can transmit 1,000 nerve impulses per second and make as many as tens of thousands of synaptic contacts with other neurons.

Research Positions Available
Image of a researcher examining a brain image.


  • Ph.D. in Engineering, Research, or other Scientific related field.

  • 2+ years of experience conducting signal processing analytics

  • Held research roles in the past



  • Ph.D. in Neuroscience/Psychology

  • Experience in running clinical studies

  • Held research roles in the past


Text displaying 'Plant Research'.
Image of a plant used in research.
Image of a plant used in plant research.
Image of a plant specimen in a research setting.
Is Low-Powered Magnetic Brain Stimulation safe?

Yes. The safety of various forms of Low-Powered Magnetic Brain Stimulation have been studied and documented in the Research Literature for many years. Our device uses a Patent-Pending Low Powered electromagnetic stimulation technology. The magnetic field created by our device is only a fraction of strength of many household electronics.

Do I need to be wearing the DreamRing device at night for the Dream effects to work?

No you do not. Using the device before bed can “prime” the brain for dreams and give dream related effects during sleep without needing to wear the device. The DreamRing headset can be worn at night or placed nearby the head while sleeping. If you’re interested in trying during sleep stimulations, please use the “Advanced Session Scheduler” with a DreamRing Wearable to test out this feature.

Do I have to use the DreamRing device everyday?

No. You can use the device as you’d like. However, for optimal effects especially related to Lucid Dreaming it is recommended to use multiple times each week.
Many users report a build up of effects over time.


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